E-commerce Website Design Solutions

eCommerce is the content management website application that allows your customers to purchase your products or services. Any website’s eCommerce services need to provide customers with a well-rounded, personal, and smooth shopping experience.

E-commerce Website Design Solutions





Having a tailored made eCommerce solution with GEGOX,  Best web design company, will ensure your online enterprise is just that.

Why is eCommerce important?
Going online today is the preferred way for many consumers to compare prices, research products and increasingly make their purchases.

Given this, it’s vital that modern businesses have a successful and solid eCommerce solution in place.

So if your goal is to make a lot of revenue through your website, it needs to a functioning and accessible tool that is user friendly. The important factor to realize is that if you have an amazing website promoting your products it will be for naught if you don’t get your eCommerce capabilities right.

The bottom line is any website’s eCommerce functions should attract consumers to purchase products online as opposed to driving them away.

GEGOX’s eCommerce Solution

GEGOX Store is our eCommerce solutions product. It has been created to supplement traditional sales methods and processes while providing a secure environment for online sales. Maintenance of your website’s eCommerce functions is critical. You need to ensure that its mechanisms and processes are in place and working. Importantly, with anything to do with online financial transactions, your site’s security needs to backed up by specific technologies to ensure the financial safety of your customers and of yourself. GEGOX makes sure this happens with the sites it creates for its customers.

While GEGOX Store provides customers with an easy to use and safe purchasing system, it is technologically advanced. Its network infrastructure is well designed which allows items to quickly upload and be displayed on screen. During online purchases GEGOX Store responds quickly allowing customers to make prompt purchases.

GEGOX Store also includes a cutting-edge reporting system that exports to Microsoft Excel. This can be integrated into your ERP or accounting systems. GEGOX Store’s technology also allows instant tracking and responses.

Being the best web design and development company, GEGOX’s eCommerce solution includes a selection of special features that can be incorporated to suit your online needs. Among its features are:

  • An online shopping cart
  • Online and offline payment options
  • PayPal payment options in multiple currencies
  • Secure credit card facility (SSL)
  • Electronic funds transfer (EFT) – both fax order and direct debit
  • Payment gateway interface
  • Customized data collection and reporting
  • Automated electronic invoice and receipts system
  • On top of these a customized eCommerce solution with GEGOX could also include:
  • Member accounts and subscription options
  • Integration with inventory management, accounting, Email marketing systems and electronic data interchange (EDI)
  • Freight and order management

To find out more on how GEGOX can help you with your eCommerce needs then call GEGOX on (800) 899-6035 or contact us.