Logo Design

We Take Your Logo as Personally as You Do.

A logo is a reflection of a business’s identity; it is the picture of your product / service offering that is easily remembered by your customers and other companies if designed and applied properly. Gain the attention of your viewers with fresh logo designs concepts. Our design concepts are well known in the market. Our team of experts at GEGOX designs the best logos for your business card, letterheads, brochures and website sat affordable prices.


Market Research

will develop the core data and objectives for designing a logo or branding image for your company. During this phase we establish your

  • Industry sector and
  • Pre-Design survey of existing corporate image and consumer perceptions



Corporate Definition

Understand the essence of what makes your company different from your competitors or where it is heading in the future. We try to define the past, present and future of your company, so that we can create a brand that is reflective of your past but good enough for your company to be represented in the future as a progressive company.

Careful consideration is given to your industry sector and where your company is currently positioned in the marketplace.




After understanding your market and your company we move into developing a few logo design concepts for your company. We take into consideration that your logo will appear on a few different mediums such as

  • Web
  • Print and
  • Television

And we make sure that we produce your logo in a fully vectorized format that can be used on all these mediums. We take pride in what we do and we guarantee client satisfaction.



Project debriefing

It is during a project debriefing that a style guide is created for your company that will aptly define your brand and clearly label in what formats or variations your logo can be used in. Colours used in the logo are also specified in a project style guide. The style guide becomes important because it will be used in every other project you might do with us such as developing a Website or other print material

We also specialize in creating banner designs following the current trends in the design and marketing industry. Online marketing is at its boom, and your logo is the most powerful marketing tool, so don’t take it easily, get in touch with the experts to design a perfect business logo, for that adds value to your brand identity.


Startup Package Silver Package Gold Package Platinum Package
1 Logo Concept 3 Design Concepts 6 Design Concepts 20 Design Concepts
1 Round of revisions 3 Round of revisions 6 Round of revisions 20 Round of revisions
within 5 business days within 5 business days within 5 business days within 5 business days
$350 $500 $600 $700


We have a very flexible design department, our panel of logo designers brainstorm fresh logo design ideas for you and they also welcome your design ideas, they can refine your design concept very effectively, after all you know your business best. And we know how to make your brand identity strong!

So wait no more and call us on Toll FREE number (800) 899-6035, our in-house branding experts offer excellent customer service 24×7, or just fill in our logo design brief form, and we will get to work on creating the perfect brand identity for you.