Digital Marketing

An effective digital marketing strategy will work in harmony with your overall business strategy to achieve your goals. This is because the success of the two are inexorably tied together.

With the pace of advancements in technology and new trends in online marketing, it can be difficult for a business to know where to focus their energies. This can lead to a haphazard execution of digital marketing, instead of a well-considered strategy.

At Incredo Solutions, we create digital marketing solutions that are tailored to the size, capacity and capabilities of your business. We help you hit sales targets, generate leads, enhance your brand and target your customers.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is the use of software and tools to streamline and automate some of the most time-consuming processes in modern marketing and sales. From customer segmentation to campaign management, from data integration to targeted content, marketing automation simplifies complex tasks to enable businesses to focus their time on growing their revenues. At its best, it leads to:

  • decreased human error
  • increased productivity and revenue
  • customer retention and relationship building

Simply put, marketing automation helps you serve your customers better.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Though our experts make it look like a piece of cake, SEO is not easy. Our proven methods are focused on quality of your content, integrity of your brand and solutions that are customized to your goals. We help our clients by:

  • creating a strategy that realistically outlines the short-term and long-term deliverables
  • researching your business, competition and industry and creating content based on effective keyword strings
  • monitoring performance and auditing the strategy to make sure it stays relevant
  • taking care of link building, outreach and social media promotion

We keep you updated on how your website is ranking so that we can together take the necessary steps to ensure consistent performance.

SEO in Mississauga
Search Engine Marketing (SEM/PPC)

Our SEO and SEM/PPC (pay-per-click) services are designed to increase your rankings while minimizing your marketing spend. We know how to get the most out of Google AdWords and we use that knowledge to:

  • create positive customer experiences for your visitors
  • increase short-term and long-term engagement with your website
  • use a combination of SEO strategies and PPC to create an efficient mix of online marketing

We provide transparent and ethical services that create long-lasting results and will never be penalized by a search engine.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has completely changed the way people and brands interact with each other. This makes it critical for a business to know the rules of engagement over the various forms of social media channels. The experts at Incredo Solutions will help your business reach a large audience in a cost-effective way by:

  • drawing out a strategy based on your goals
  • advising you about which channels are most suitable for your brand
  • sharing insights on the tone, frequency and type of content best suited for different channels

Social media marketing is all about starting up a conversation and maintaining open lines of communication with your ideal audience

Email Marketing

Simple and cost-effective, email marketing is still one of the most trusted and powerful weapons in a marketer’s toolkit. The mantra of ‘It’s easier and cheaper to up-sell to an existing customer that to acquire a new one,’ is the reason email marketing continues to be popular. We design your email marketing to achieve key goals including:

  • capturing data and maintaining contact with website visitors/newsletter readers
  • creating and building trust through timely, relevant information
  • adding value through personalization and introducing special offers

From design and content to testing subject lines and monitoring performance, our team does it all.

Conversion Rate optimization (CRO)

Attracting the right audience is only step one. What makes a successful digital campaign is when that audience ‘converts’ by clicking, subscribing, purchasing or calling. Our team members bring their unique strengths to optimize your site in a way that compels your visitors to convert. We do this by:

  • A/B testing to see what version of your site works best
  • analyzing the user journey and making necessary tweaks to make it more effective
  • conducting online surveys and taking feedback from visitors
  • optimizing copy and segmenting the audience to better target them

By using a combination of these and other methods, we’re able to increase conversion rate and help you achieve your goals.


Our marketing and branding exerts spend time to understand your online brand message so that we’re able to communicate it in an effective and engaging manner across all your digital properties. We plan a strategy that is integrated across your website, social media and apps to create a consistent brand image that

  • is easily recognizable
  • inspires trust
  • establishes your company as industry experts

Digital or online branding works in tandem with your overall branding strategy to help you grow your business.