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Web Design and Your Business

Consumers now turn to company web sites as their primary source for information, product research, price comparison and purchasing simplicity, and businesses have been forced to provide web sites that meet the needs of the public. Web design is a fundamental part of an online marketing strategy.

Web design is a highly respected technique for engaging the online audience; the skill required to design user-friendly, effective websites acquired with training, time and experience. An effective web design will emphasize the functionality of the site, as well as its aesthetic value. GEGOX’s customized web design incorporates an entertaining, informative and attractive interface while encouraging user interest and conversions.

What your web site needs to do

Your web site is the most important part of your online marketing because all the traffic you generate is sent to it.

And the better it converts that traffic into leads and sales, the more profit you’ll make.

Whether your prospects are ready to order immediately, wanting to talk to someone first or still making up their mind… your web site design has to effectively ‘sell’ to your visitors and compel them to do business with you.

That’s why web site design is less about ‘looks’ and more about strategy.

The strategy of high-performance design

Small changes have been proven to increase conversions up to 200%. There are many opportunities to increase your conversion rate, and our design process ensures that every possible conversion element is integrated into your design from the very beginning.

Every site we design at GEGOX is carefully developed to maximize response. The location of different images, forms and buttons may seem minor, but our testing has proven that these choices are significant.

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The proper design of a call-to-action, from the positioning on your webpage, to the font, colour, the actual words, and any attention-getting devices, could mean a difference of 14%, 37% even 206% to your conversion rate. GEGOX uses proven techniques to design your calls-to-action.

Many people don’t understand that a good call-to-action can get 19.5 times more clicks than a bad one. For instance, which call-to-action do you think would get the most clicks: “Make An Appointment”, “Request Pricing Information”, or “Download Free Report”?


Sales copywriting

The words we use on your web site are designed to help move your prospects from the first word they see when they land on your site to the action you want them to take at the end, that is, to enquire with you or buy something

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Credibility elements

If people don’t trust you, they won’t buy from you. That’s why we focus strongly on building web sites that help you establish trust with your prospects online.

We incorporate credibility-building elements into your web site such as testimonials, awards you’ve won, industry accreditation, and logos of your biggest clients.


SEO integration

Some web site owners don’t think about SEO until after their site is launched.

We develop sites that have built-in SEO right from the start.

We do this to maximize your chances of ranking highly on Google.

And if you’re already ranking highly, we make sure that you don’t lose your rankings when you launch your new site.



Is your web site currently converting as many customers as it could?


Many web site designers only focus on two elements when they design a site: the look and functionality of your web site.

We go a lot deeper into web site conversion strategies, always keeping the goal of optimizing leads and sales in mind, to help you influence more prospects to take the action you want them to on your web site.

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